The Answer Is……

This week in Numeracy time, we have been working on our problem solving skills.  The task asked the children to think about “The answer is ……….  What could the question be?”  They worked as pairs and came up with some magnificent combinations.  Some children even started to find lots of patterns in numbers too!  Here is a sample of what we came up with.

The Eggs Have Arrived!

Eggs incubator 002 (Small) text 

  Last Thursday, Peter put the eggs we will be hatching, into the incubator.    Everyone is so excited and concerned about the welfare of the eggs.  The children are checking the temperature everyday.  It needs to be around 102 degrees F.  It will take about 21 – 25 days for the chicks to hatch.  One egg is larger and we suspect it has a double yolk, which means twins! 

Eggs incubator 003 (Small) text


Making Flubber!

We made flubber or “cornflour slime”.  We wanted to find out what would happen if we applied force to the mixture.  When we punched it with great force it went hard like a solid.  When we moved our fingers through the mixture slowly, it was runny like a liquid.  We had so much fun.  It was amazing!

Making Flubber! on PhotoPeach

Science Experiments

This term we have been working on our Passion project named “Why is it so?”  We have conducted a variety of science experiments to show how matter, which is made up of solids, liquids and gases, can change.  Here is a sample of our experiments.

Rubber Egg Experiment

We placed a hard boiled egg into a jar of vinegar for three days.  Here is a record of what happened.

On Day one some brown scum began to appear in the jar.  The egg shell was still hard.

End of day one in vinegar.

End of day one in vinegar.

On Day Two there were lots of bubbles around the egg shell and there was also lots of foam.  The brown scum around the egg was getting darker.

Day two in the vinegar.

Day two in the vinegar.

         On day three, Wesley and Lauren helped to lift the egg out of the jar with a spoon.  As they lifted the egg, the shell slipped off the egg.  It had turned into a brown scum.  The acid fron the vinegar had “eaten up” the carbonate shell.   We were all amazed at how the shell had disappeared. We tried to bounce the egg but we didn’t have much luck.  Wesley and Isabelle tried but it just broke!

IMG_0045 (Medium)lift egg

Wesley and Lauren took out the egg.

IMG_0048 (Medium) scum

The eggs shell had dissolved into a brown scum.


What the egg looked like after we tried to bounce it!