Making Flubber!

We made flubber or “cornflour slime”.  We wanted to find out what would happen if we applied force to the mixture.  When we punched it with great force it went hard like a solid.  When we moved our fingers through the mixture slowly, it was runny like a liquid.  We had so much fun.  It was amazing!

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8 thoughts on “Making Flubber!

  1. Dear Carol and Louise,
    We really had fun with the flubber especially when we punched the mixture and it went hard. Some children were afraid to punch the flubber but when they did it was gooey and hard. When we slopped our hands in the mixture it was hard at the bottom and soft at the top. We also had a raffle for the flubber and Tarquin was the one who took it home.
    Thank you for visiting our blog!
    From 2t:)

  2. Dear children you looked like you were having so much fun when you were making flubber. You had such big smiles on your faces and learnt so much about mixtures
    Great work

    Carol & Louise CEOM

  3. Dear Children we loved your big smiles on your faces when you were making the flubber
    You looked like you were having so much fun you learnt a lot about mixtures
    Love Carol & Louise ceom

  4. Hi 2T,
    I read through most of your activities and they seemed like so much fun.
    I liked Flubber most of all – it looked like so much fun.
    Congratulations to Miss Tieppo for her great blog work and to 2T for their great science work.
    Auguri e bene fatto
    Signora Conte

  5. Dear 1M,
    It wasn’t gross but it did hurt a little bit if we punched the mixture hard. It was fun. The best part was being able to slop it around with our hands.
    from 2t

  6. Hi Ms Tieppo and 2T

    It is SO exciting to see that you have your own 2T blog. Now the LRC Blog has some company!

    Your Flubber experiment looks like so much fun. I love the expressions on some of your faces! I hope there weren’t too many sore hands after people applied force to the Flubber. Has anybody tried to make Flubber at home with their family?

    I’m looking forward to reading about more of your experiments.

    Miss Yeomans 🙂

  7. congratulations Sandra on the wonderful learning in 2T. Well done on your blog. the children and their families will be so proud and excited to be able to show off the fabulous learning in 2T

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