Science Experiments

This term we have been working on our Passion project named “Why is it so?”  We have conducted a variety of science experiments to show how matter, which is made up of solids, liquids and gases, can change.  Here is a sample of our experiments.

Rubber Egg Experiment

We placed a hard boiled egg into a jar of vinegar for three days.  Here is a record of what happened.

On Day one some brown scum began to appear in the jar.  The egg shell was still hard.

End of day one in vinegar.

End of day one in vinegar.

On Day Two there were lots of bubbles around the egg shell and there was also lots of foam.  The brown scum around the egg was getting darker.

Day two in the vinegar.

Day two in the vinegar.

         On day three, Wesley and Lauren helped to lift the egg out of the jar with a spoon.  As they lifted the egg, the shell slipped off the egg.  It had turned into a brown scum.  The acid fron the vinegar had “eaten up” the carbonate shell.   We were all amazed at how the shell had disappeared. We tried to bounce the egg but we didn’t have much luck.  Wesley and Isabelle tried but it just broke!

IMG_0045 (Medium)lift egg

Wesley and Lauren took out the egg.

IMG_0048 (Medium) scum

The eggs shell had dissolved into a brown scum.


What the egg looked like after we tried to bounce it!


4 thoughts on “Science Experiments

  1. Dear 1m,
    Thank you for leaving us a comment. The egg yolk was yellow when it came out of the vinegar. We have added a picture of the egg yolk on our post. It was a cool experiment. We hoped that the egg would bounce but it didn’t.
    from 2t

  2. Dear 2T

    We would like to know what colour was the egg yolk when you took it out of the vinegar? Was it a cool experiment to do?

    1M 🙂

  3. have you tried the same experiment with lemon juice (citric acid) instead of using the vinegar (acetic acid)? Phil Stewart

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