The Eggs Have Arrived!

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  Last Thursday, Peter put the eggs we will be hatching, into the incubator.    Everyone is so excited and concerned about the welfare of the eggs.  The children are checking the temperature everyday.  It needs to be around 102 degrees F.  It will take about 21 – 25 days for the chicks to hatch.  One egg is larger and we suspect it has a double yolk, which means twins! 

Eggs incubator 003 (Small) text


17 thoughts on “The Eggs Have Arrived!

  1. Hi 2T and Ms Tieppo

    I love the way you have thought carefully to choose names to really suit your chickens.

    I visited your chickens after school this afternoon – they are very cute! I had a hold of Spike who had a little snuggle into my scarf! The chickens seem to be very happy in their new home.

    What interesting things you are observing about your chickens?

    Miss Yeomans 🙂

  2. Dear Miss. Yeomans and Mrs. Foley Smith,
    We have named our chicks today. We called the yellow chick, Lucky because it is lucky to be the only yellow chick. The black chick is called Blackie Junior because it reminds Tarquin of his other chicken called Blackie. Spike is the chick that has a stripe down its back. Cheeky Chubba is the brown chick because he is naughty and portly. From 2t 🙂

  3. I miss you very much too – I remember hatching eggs at St. Martin’s with grade 4’s many years ago and we kept them in the room as pets. The best workers would cuddle them in their jumpers while they worked and the little chicks were so tame, because they got so use to humans handling them.
    When they got too big for the classroom, I gave 2 of them to my friend’s mum and they use to follow her from the backyard in and around the house like a little dog – she loved them. I hope your little chics give you lots of happy learning memories.

  4. Hello 2T, Ms. Tieppo and Mrs. Mosbauer
    We got our eggs from a hatching program called Henny Penny Hatching – all our eggs were chickens and this year we even had some black chickens. Where did you get your eggs from?
    Have a good day!
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy.

  5. Dear Prep K and Mrs. Kennedy,
    Thank you for your message. We now think that the big egg might actually be a goose egg! We are so excited that we might have a goose.
    When you had your chicks, did you get the eggs or did the children get the eggs?
    Have fun with your class.
    from 2T and Ms. Tieppo and Mrs. Mosbauer

  6. Dear Mrs. Watson,
    We saw the video clip about your chicks and you had more chicks. We have only six eggs. What happened to your chicks after they hatched? Was there a lot of noise when the chicks hatched? Did any of your children in your class take the chicks home? We now think that the big egg might be a goose egg. We will let you know.
    Have fun with your class.
    From Ms. Tieppo and 2T

  7. Hello Ms. Tieppo and 2T,
    We are nearly at the half way mark, 12 days have gone by. Movement has been detected within the eggs. The eggs have been seen doing a little jig, especially the big egg. My sources have told me that in the big egg there maybe twins or a goose! We will have to wait patiently and see what happens.
    Mrs Mosbauer

  8. Hello 2T
    We are in prep K at St. Luke’s in Blackburn South. At the beginning of this term we had chickens and eggs in our classroom. We were very excited!
    Every day we would check the eggs to see if there were any cracks. We know how important it is to check the thermometer so that the incubator is the right temperature to keep the eggs warm. When our eggs hatched the chickens were wet and they had to stay in the incubator until they were fluffy and dry.
    We loved watching our chicks hatch and then how they grew and changed.
    We are very excited to see if you have twins!
    Love from Prep K and Mrs kennedy

  9. Dear Mrs. W,
    Thank you for leaving us a comment. You are the first international visitor to our blog. We will keep you informed of what is happening with the eggs, especially the larger egg!

    Ms.Tieppo and 2T

  10. Dear 2T,
    I am a grade 1/2/3 teacher from Canada. You have a wonderful blog started and it looks like you are learning all sorts of amazing things in your classroom!

    We had a great time hatching chicks in our classroom earlier this year. I can’t wait to see if the larger egg has twin chicks in it. We had 24 chicks hatch, but we didn’t have any twins.

    I look forward to seeing pictures of the chicks once they hatch,

    Mrs. W

  11. Dear Mrs. Foley- Smith,
    We miss you. We are keeping the eggs in our classroom in the incubator. We noticed today that the eggs have rolled to the other side. Tarquin tells us that this is because of the motor in the incubator and there is water under the egg. We will let you know when the eggs hatch.
    Love from 2t

  12. Dear Miss Yeomans,
    We haven’t made a list yet but we are planning to get some names soon. Here is a list of some names we have thought about:
    Jonathon, Black Chick, Tooty, Blackie, Sofia, Emily, Smiley, Twin Chicks, Ruby, Spike, Julia, Henny Penny, Black Beauty, Chubba and Lucky.
    We hope you like these names!
    from all of us in 2t

  13. Hello 2T

    What fantastic fun you are having with your learning. I can’t wait to see the chicks hatch. Are you going to keep them in your room and be their mothers and fathers, taking good care of them?

    You are very lucky that Mrs Tieppo is making learning so interesting for you.

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