The Chicks Have Arrived!

Our Chicks Have Hatched!

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On Thursday morning we arrived to see some of the chicks had hatched from the eggs!  Mrs. Mosbauer was in class that day and she was just as excited as the children.  We now have four chicks!   At first the chicks didn’t move much.  They were wet and just rested.

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We still have two eggs that have not yet hatched.  We will wait until Monday to see what happens.  One of these eggs is the larger one, which we thought had two yolks.  It may not have been fertilised!

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We have not named our chicks yet.  One of them is yellow, one has black and brown stripes, one is black and the other one is brown.   They are starting to look fluffy and they were making a lot of noise by Friday morning when we got back to school.  On Friday afternoon, we placed the four chicks into the brooding box.  They all huddled under the warm lamp at first but soon explored their new home.  We hope to be able to hold them in this coming week.  We can’t wait!

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3 thoughts on “The Chicks Have Arrived!

  1. Dear Everyone,
    On Friday (not the day when the chicks got in the brooding box) me, Joshua and Alexander watched the chicks all 2nd break and we saw one poop!!!! But three chicks in the unhatched eggs didn’t survive:(:(.The only best thing was that four hatched.(Worst of all the double yolker didn’t survive).When Lucky the chick pooped, it opened up its wings
    From Raff

  2. Hi 2T and Ms. Tieppo,

    The chicks are growing very quickly. Each time I see them they look bigger and they all look different. Which chick do you think is the cutest, the funniest, the most active or the cheekiest? Maybe, you should do a survey in class.
    Enjoy holding the chicks.

    Mrs. Mosbauer

  3. Hi 2T and Ms Tieppo

    WOW!! How exciting to see that four of your eggs have hatched into chickens!

    Isn’t it amazing seeing them transform from wet and slippery into soft and fluffy chicks.

    I wonder what you will find when you go into your classroom on Monday morning…


    Miss Yeomans 🙂

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