Cultural Day!

Class Culture

This term, we are learning about other cultures.  Ms. Tieppo organised a Cultural Day where parents from different backgrounds spoke to us about the country they have come from.   We had parents from Vietnam, Poland, Mauritius, Sweden, Italy and England.   We really enjoyed listening to the new information and some speakers even brought some food for us to taste.  It was also fun dressing up in clothes and colours from different countries.  Here is a record of our day.


Cultural Day! on PhotoPeach

14 thoughts on “Cultural Day!

  1. Hi Ella,
    Thanks for your information about the Ancestry dolls. It is a great idea to remember for the next time we talk about other cultures.

    I have visited Mrs. Ranney’s class blog. I am very impressed with all the work you have done. I really liked your pictograph about birthdays. Asking questions is an interesting way to read information from a graph.

    Keep in touch,
    Ms. Tieppo

  2. Hi Ella,
    It is great to have you visit our blog. 2T are on school holidays at the moment but they will be excited to know you have visited.

    Our Cultural day was a wonderful experience for 2T. They learned so much about other cultures from the parent guest speakers.

    What are ancestry dolls? Are they related to just one culture? I would love to find out about them. Do you have a blog address?
    from Ms. Tieppo

  3. Dear Mrs. Tieppo,
    My name is Ella from Chaparral Elementary school located in Calabasas,California. I like your idea of Cultural Day.In 2nd grade I did something like this .We brought ancestry dolls made by us.

  4. Hi 2T

    What a wonderful day you have had learning about other cultures. Aren’t we lucky in Australia to have people from so many cultures come to live here and bring their wonderful foods and customs with them!

    I have a book I am going to lend Ms Tieppo to read to you called “Mirror” by Jeannie Baker that I know you will love. I will look forward to hearing your ideas about the book…

    Miss Yeomans 🙂

  5. Dear Ms Tieppo and 2t,
    I really liked the culture day because there was lots of interesting information about culture.I also liked the speakers because they gave us lots of information.
    From Lachlan

  6. Dear Ms Tieppo and 2t,
    I had so much exciting new information on cultural day.
    I loved the slide show. I cant wait until another slide show. From Isabelle in 2t

  7. Dear Carol,
    Of course you can show your friends our video with your friends at the Catholic Education Office. Have you guessed which countries we dressed up as?
    Thank you for visiting our blog.
    From all of us in 2T 🙂

  8. Dear AA,
    Thank you for your comment. Some of the food we liked best included spicy meatballs and sausages from Mauritius, special ham from Vietnam and the scouse from England.
    Where do you come from? Please visit our blog again soon.
    from all of us in 2T

  9. Dear children and Mrs Tieppo

    Love your new video of your new learning on cultural day Can I share your learning with my friends at the Catholic Education Office Melbourne ??

    Kind regards Carol

  10. Dear Ms Tieppo and 2T,

    How lucky you all are to have such a wonderful ray of culturals at your school. Whats even better you even got to taste different foods from different culturals.
    What was your favourite food you enjoyed the most?

    I really enjoyed seeing you all dressed up in different clothes from different countries. I must say I had a hard time picking who was from which country.

    Well done and great work on your blog.
    Yours sincerely AA.

    • Hi Alyssa,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed our Cultural day. I wonder what was the best thing about our Cultural Day. Thanks for making time to comment on our blog.
      From Ms. Tieppo

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