Blogging Challenge Week 1.

Why should you visit the 2T Blog?

This is the first time we have entered the Blogging Challenge.  At the moment, 2T is on school holidays but when they get back you should visit our blog because you can learn about what is happening at our school.  We have a very important School Production in Term 4 and we are all looking forward to it.  We also hope to have some of the students from 2T being guest bloggers.  We will also try to keep including photos and videos so that it makes our blog more interesting.

 Through this challenge, we  would also like the parents of children in 2T to visit more often and leave comments.  They will also be able to see what learning is taking place in our classroom.  We are really looking forward to connecting with other schools too.  It is so exciting when we get an extra flag on our Flag counter on our blog.  It reminds us that there are students all over the world who may be learning similar things to us.


Chinese Museum

We learned about Chinese Culture when we went visited the Chinese Museum in Melbourne. It was so interesting. We found out lots of information about Chinese dragons. Our guide Christine, told us that if you touch the dragon’s scales during Chinese New Year celebrations, you will get good luck for the rest of the year.  She also told us that the dragon is the male and the Phoenix is the female partner.


Chinese Museum on PhotoPeach

We have learned a lot about Chinese Culture at the Chinese Museum.  What can you tell us about your culture?  Do you know anything about other cultures around the world?