Blogging Challenge Week 1.

Why should you visit the 2T Blog?

This is the first time we have entered the Blogging Challenge.  At the moment, 2T is on school holidays but when they get back you should visit our blog because you can learn about what is happening at our school.  We have a very important School Production in Term 4 and we are all looking forward to it.  We also hope to have some of the students from 2T being guest bloggers.  We will also try to keep including photos and videos so that it makes our blog more interesting.

 Through this challenge, we  would also like the parents of children in 2T to visit more often and leave comments.  They will also be able to see what learning is taking place in our classroom.  We are really looking forward to connecting with other schools too.  It is so exciting when we get an extra flag on our Flag counter on our blog.  It reminds us that there are students all over the world who may be learning similar things to us.


5 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Week 1.

  1. Hi 2T and Mrs Tieppo,
    I cannot believe how amazing your blog is and how clever you all are. I will need to learn a lot from you smart Grade 2’s. Well done!!!!
    Mrs Van and 4VL.

  2. Dear Mrs. Tieppo,
    Thank you so much for visiting our blog and leaving a comment about our birthday pictogram post. Thank you also for your compliment. We hope you will write to us again, and that your students will too when they are back from holiday.
    Many students in our class plan to visit your blog soon.
    Your new blogging buddies,
    Mrs. Ranney and Class

  3. Hi 2T and Ms Tieppo

    It’s fantastic that you are participating in the Blogging Challenge! It will be lots of fun having children from other countries visit your blog and you can visit their blogs. You will also be able to learn about blogging by doing fun activities and sharing them.

    I am also in the Blogging Challenge. I am a helper. I have 25 student blogs to read and comment on to help the students with their blogging. The students are from Australia, New Zealand and America. This is my first time doing this so I’m excited too!

    Enjoy the Blogging Challenge…

    Miss Y 🙂

  4. Thanks for visiting our blog A L,
    We had so much fun with the chicks. Jessica, Jemma and Isabella took the chicks home. The chicks have now become two hens and a rooster. “Aussie Rules” Football is a little different to American football. We have four quarters in a match and the object of the game is to kick a goal through the two goal posts. There is a lot of kicking, handballing and bouncing as the players are not allowed to hold onto the ball.

  5. Loved your blog. I will return to see some of the interesting things you will include this session. The baby chicks were great and their names seem to suit them perfectly. Not familiar with Footy. Wished I could learn more. Is it anything like American football?

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