Blogging Challenge Week 4

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Water polaroid

 For our Blogging Challenge this week we decided to join the  Blog Action Day Activity.   We felt this was important because in Australia, water is very precious.   In Melbourne, we have had very little rain for the past few years and we have had water restrictions.  Many farmers have not been able to grow things and our countryside has been victim to bushfires as it has been so dry.   Although we have finally had some good rain this winter, we are still not allowed to water our lawns or wash our cars with a hose. 

 These are some of the ways the children of 2T  have been trying to save water. 

  • We don’t play with water.

  • We use a bucket in the shower to collect water to water our gardens.

  • We try to be careful not to spill water when we pour it.

  • We try to have a 4 minute shower and use a shower head that saves water.

  • We don’t fill our bathtub to the top.

  • We use “grey” water to water our gardens.

  • We use water tanks to collect water when it rains.

  • In the hot weather we water our garden only twice a week so the plants roots go deeper for water.

 Do you have any other ideas for saving water in our world?

Blogging Challenge Week 3

We missed the Week 2 Challenge because of the school holidays.  We have chosen to take photos of our local area and post them as a gallery for the Week 3 Challenge.  The keen 2T photographers wanted to highlight the local area of our school yard and its surrounds, so armed with cameras we took to our school yard.  We had some trouble with our gallery, so we switched to PhotoPeach instead!  (Will need more practise!) We hope you enjoy looking at our special areas at our school.

Our Local Area on PhotoPeach

Our Local Area on PhotoPeach

We Are Back To School!

Were back

Today was our first day back after the school holidays. We talked about the special things we liked about the holidays.  Lots of children were getting into the Grand Final fever, where Collingwood and St. Kilda had to play out the Grand final again, after a draw.  Here are some thoughts about the break…….

Joshua: My favourite time was going to the Royal Melbourne Show.  I held a rooster.

Isabelle: My sister’s friends, Ruby and Emilia came over to watch the Grand Final.  I also went to “Cats and Dogs” movie.

Matthew: My favourite day was going to the movies to see, “Diary of A Wimpy Kid”.

Alexander: Ben came over for the Grand Final replay.  Ben wore his Collingwood T-Shirt.

Sophie: Nana came over to my house for a sleepover.  We watched “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Kung Fu” panda.

Alyssa: I went to Nana’s house to have a sleepover.

Jack: We had a sleepover at Nana’s house and we watched Scooby Doo and Jungle Junction.  I played footy with my cousin Harry who is 2 years old.

Isabella: I went to my friend’s house to make Collingwood flags.  We used paper, sticky tape and straws.  I was saying “Go Collingwood!!”

Jemma: I liked going to Bundoora Park.  I fed the goats with a special bottle.  Jess came too!

Jess: I went camping in Swan Hill.  The weather was warm and I made a new friend named Elly.

Antonio:  I went to my holiday house in Rosebud.  I went to the beach and helped my brother to make a sandcastle.

Tarquin: I went to Mt. Cathedral in Victoria.  I climbed Ned’s peak.  It took one and a half hours to get to the saddle.

Wesley: I played with my cousins who were staying at my Grandma’s house because she went to London.

Patrick: I went to my friend Jemma’s house to see the Grand Final.  I also went to my Nan’s to look after my cousin, Aidan.

Lauren: I went to my Nana and Pa’s and then I went to Inverloch.  My Mum and dad picked me up on Friday.

Madi: My cousins, who are eight and nine, came over for a sleepover.  They bought over their niece who is two and a half years old.onor: My favourite part was going to see “Cats and Dogs” at the drive- in

Benjamin: I liked going to Matthew’s house.  We played outside with their friend.

Ben: I saw the movie” Despicable me”I played with my new dog, Molly.  She is 8 weeks old.

Raff:I went to a place near Ballarat.  My friends, Robert, Caroline and Alexis made a rabbit trap.  We watched the Grand Final together.

Lachlan:  I liked going to Northland Shopping Centre and playing games at Playtime.  My favourite game was when you pressed the red button to get the ball and get a jack pot.

What do you do on your school holidays?

We had two weeks holidays.  How much time do you get for your holidays?

I wonder what would be your dream holiday?