Blogging Challenge Week 3

We missed the Week 2 Challenge because of the school holidays.  We have chosen to take photos of our local area and post them as a gallery for the Week 3 Challenge.  The keen 2T photographers wanted to highlight the local area of our school yard and its surrounds, so armed with cameras we took to our school yard.  We had some trouble with our gallery, so we switched to PhotoPeach instead!  (Will need more practise!) We hope you enjoy looking at our special areas at our school.

Our Local Area on PhotoPeach

Our Local Area on PhotoPeach

10 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Week 3

  1. Hi Junia,’

    Thank you so much for taking time to visit our blog. The children always love it when their parents visit.

    I’m so glad you thought 2T was your favourite at our musical. I thought they all did a magnificent job too!

    Ms. Tieppo

  2. Dear 2T,

    I was very impressed with your performance at the school musical, you could really see how much hard work you had put into your songs and dances. 2T was my favorite, sshhh.
    Junia Avramopoulos

  3. Thanks 2T,
    You are right, it was just a small 41 years ago, I was really little and don’t remember much. I do know that we didn’t do fun things like blogging !!

  4. Hello Ms. Tieppo and 2T
    We looked at the photos of your school today and loved them! Did you all help to make the beautiful art pieces around your school?
    We really enjoyed visiting your blog. Have a great term,
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  5. Hi Celia,
    Thank you for commenting on our blog. We worked out that you came to our school 41 years ago in Prep. We hope you enjoyed your time at school when you were at St. Martin’s.

    Hi Miss Driscoll,
    Thank you for visiting our blog. We would love to teach 2ED how to take photos.

    Hi Mrs. Mosbauer,
    We loved your comment about our photos. Ms. Tieppo can teach you how to do Photopeach. We know you are already very good at art.

    Hi Miss Yeomans,
    Thank you for your comments on our slideshow. We would love to put it into our school blog.

    From all of us in 2T 🙂

  6. Thanks 2T. I loved the photos of your school. Many, many years ago I spent a term at St Martins as a prep (it was in 1969 – you work out how long ago that was;) . I liked seeing it – even though I am sure there is not much the same as when I was there. I love blogging and am now teaching other children about blogs – they will be sure to visit your blog. Good luck with your challenge.

  7. Well done 2T!!

    I loved the images of our school, especially the beautiful shady tree on top yard. You might need to teach 2ED how to take such beautiful pictures.

    Keep up the amazing work!
    Miss Driscoll 🙂

  8. Very clever Ms. Tieppo and 2T! You have really captured the beauty of our school. Keep on with the challenges and I think you have to teach me how to Blog and use PhotoPeach.
    Mrs Mosbauer

  9. WOW!! 2T you have blown me away with your wonderful photos of our school! We might have to think about putting your slideshow on our school blog page to show people about our school!

    Congratulations on your photography skills! I’m sure visitors to your 2T blog will enjoy getting to see what it is like at St Martin’s…

    Miss Y 🙂

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