Blogging Challenge Week 5

We are catching up with our Blogging Challenge  tasks, as the school production didn’t leave much time for other things.  We read the post by Kathleen McGeady on Thursday, September 16th, on Student Blogging and Internet images.  As a class, we read about Creative Commons and attributing an image.  We had a great discussion about why attributing an image was very important for the person who created the image. 

We tried to imagine, as Mrs. Yollis suggested to Kathleen McGeady on September 19th;

 “A teacher once told me that she teaches this lesson using student artwork. She posts her students’ art work on the class bulletin board, but will put another student’s name on it.” 

Our faces dropped when Ms. Tieppo told us this story.  We thought that it would be a terrible thing to do and that if we drew a picture, we should be able to take credit for it.  We now understand why we can’t just get onto Google and copy pictures without permission.  Keeping in theme with our School musical, we have included an attributed image of Mary Poppins.


Image: 'Gor Blimey, strike a light Guvnor'


4 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Week 5

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  2. Dear Miss Y,

    Thank you for your AMAZING comment. Thank you for letting us know about a bibliography. We hope to learn how to do this next year.

    from all of us in 2t (Two Terrific) 🙂

  3. Dear Ms Tieppo and 2T

    Learning how to give attribution to an image is very important to know.

    It’s also the same when you use information from a book. You write the title of the book and its author in a Bibliography (a list) so you acknowledge the books that helped you with information.

    You are learning so much in this Blogging Challenge – well done!

    Miss Y 🙂

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