We Have Changed Address!

We have finally moved from our “Windows into 2T” blog to our new “Windows Into Learning”.  It has taken me a while to move everything across!  I hope that we can reconnect with lots of our old friends.

Please make sure that you update your bookmark for “Windows Into Learning” and at the same time subscribe to our blog so that you can receive an email every time we post something new.


13 thoughts on “We Have Changed Address!

    • Hi Marc,

      Thanks for all your comments over the past week. You are becoming an expert at leaving comments on the blog.

      Keep playing footy as best as you can! We can’t always win every game.

      from Ms. Tieppo

  1. Hi Ms T and 2TM,
    I am so impressed with your blog you have inspired me to get a move on and start adding great information to my blog.
    I love the weather forecast and visitors counter!
    Keep up the wonderful work! Mrs L

    • Hi Mrs. L,
      Thanks for your message. We feel good because you are inspired by our own class blog. We will keep up our good work. We hope you own blog goes well.
      From all of us in 2TM

  2. Hi 2TM

    My goodness, what a hard question to answer!!

    I have been reading books all my life since I was about 4 years old. I’m so lucky to be a Teacher-Librarian because reading books is a big part of my job as well as something I LOVE to do!

    Do you keep a list of the books you read in a Reading Diary? I hope you all read every night like I do…

    Miss Y 🙂

    • Dear Miss Y,

      Thank you for answering our question. We use our reading diaries to record all the books we have read. We try to read every night.

      from 2tm

  3. Dear Miss Y,
    Thank you for leaving us a comment on our blog. We are looking forward to hearing from you too this year. You are a great library teacher!
    We would like to know how many books you have read in your life?
    From all of us in 2TM 🙂

  4. Hi Ms Tieppo and 2TM

    Well done moving your blog over to your new address Ms Tieppo! (You can relax now!)

    I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful learning and fun that 2TM are going to have this year with Ms Tieppo and Mrs Mosbauer…

    Miss Y 🙂

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