Pancake Tuesday

Today it was “Shrove Tuesday” or “Pancake Tuesday”.  We learned about the tradition of using up all the special things like eggs, milk and butter before the season of Lent arrived. 

It was fun helping to mix the pancake batter.  Cathy came to help us out with the cooking of the pancakes.  We got to choose the topping that we liked.  Some of the toppings included honey, lemon, sugar and maple syrup.

What is your favourite pancake topping?  What did you like about making pancakes?

18 thoughts on “Pancake Tuesday

    • Hi Lina,

      It is great having family members visiting our blog. Making pancakes was really fun and everyone enjoyed eating them. I hope you visit the blog again soon.

      From Ms.Tieppo

  1. Hi Ms Tieppo and Mrs Mosbuaer,
    I love enjoying the IWB. Art is awsome. The frogs were the best. How do you make a blog? My house has a spa.
    From Marc.

  2. Wow! What a great video! It looks like there are many junior masterchef’s in the making in 2tm.
    Belen loved the pancakes and now wants to make them at home for us all!

    • Hi Annabel and Belen,
      It is so wonderful to have some parents coming to visit the blog.
      I must say it was a bit like a Masterchef on that day but very worthwhile. Great to hear Belen wants to make the pancakes now.
      From Ms. Tieppo

  3. Hi Ms Tieppo and 2T

    Making pancakes looks and sounds like it was a lot of fun! It is also a great way to prepare for the Lenten Season. My favourite topping for pancakes is lemon and sugar.

    I also know that Ms Tieppo’s pancake recipe is one of the best I’ve ever tasted!

    From Miss Pitcher

  4. Dear Ms Tieppo and Grade 2TM
    Thank you for visiting our blog. We are trying really hard to reach 200 comments on our blog before the end of term.
    We liked looking at your Pancake Day slideshow and saw that you liked having jam on your pancakes too.
    We have been talking about the things we might give up for Lent and some of our ideas are, chocolate, cookies, lemonade, pizza, chips, mars bars chocolate milk or cake.
    We hope you continue to look at our blog.
    From 1B and 1C

    • Hi 1B and 1C,

      It is great to hear about your challenge. It is always encouraging to receive comments on our blog too.

      We have talked about our Lent promise in 2TM too. We talked about how it is important to do things for others as well as give up things.

      Keep up the great work.
      from 2TM

  5. Hi 2T and Ms Tieppo,
    We made pancakes too! Our most popular topping was honey! What was your most popular topping?

    Cooking at school is great fun. Your pancakes look delicious.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Prep K and Mrs Kennedy.

    • Hi Prep K and Mrs. Kennedy,
      It is great to hear you have done some cooking too.

      Our most popular topping for the pancakes was maple syrup and a very close second was lemon and sugar. Some children in our class used honey too.

      We agree that the pancakes were delicious.

      from Ms. Tieppo and 2TM

  6. Dear Ms Tieppo,
    We are enjoying discovering our hidden performing arts talents. Thank you for your comments. We made pancakes yesterday also. They were delicious. We had honey, jam or lemon as a topping.
    We enjoyed your slideshow too.
    From mrs Verona Gridley and the juniors

    • Hi Verona and the Juniors,
      Lots of classes must have been cooking pancakes too.

      Some of the people in our class had honey but the maple syrup and the lemon and sugar were the most popular.

      Thanks for sharing with us.

      from Ms. Tieppo and 2TM

  7. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for making time to visit our blog. Cooking is a great way to engage children. We just need to find the time to do more!
    From Ms. Tieppo

  8. Dear Mrs Tieppo,
    Your pancakes are very yummy. I had fun making the mixture and cooking the pancakes.
    From Oscar.

    • Hi Oscar,
      It is great to see you leaving a comment. The pancakes were very yummy. Maybe you could make some for your family!
      From Ms. Tieppo

  9. What a wonderful learning experience to be cooking in the classroom. Hands on experience is just as important as text book. Now if that can just happen at home I would be over the moon. Keep up the great work 2 TM it certainly looks like a great class.

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