Class Mass Celebration.

Today we had a special celebration Mass with our families.  It was an exciting day because we were celebrating the special gifts and talents that we have.  Father Michael was very impressed with our singing and reading.  Our families were proud too.  Many of our grandparents came and we were very happy that they could come.  We had a special morning tea and we helped to serve the food.  Ms. Tieppo and Mrs. Mosbauer were so impressed with our lovely manners.


What was the best thing about our celebration today?

What special gifts and talents do you have?

6 thoughts on “Class Mass Celebration.

  1. Dear Miss Tieppo and 2TM,

    Today we are in Katherine and it is very hot. Every day it has been around 30 degrees. One of the best things we have done is swim under a waterfall at Florence Falls in Litchfield Park.

    How cold has it been in Melbourne?

    From Morgan.

    • Dear Morgan,
      Thank you for leaving us a message. We went to the park yesterday for our excursion. The big big slide was fun.
      How hot was the water in the waterfall at Florence Falls? If you log into our blog a few more times we will get a dot for our map.

      Last week it was cooler than this week. It is going to be 19 degrees today.

      From Ms. Tieppo and 2TM 🙂

  2. Hello Ms Tieppo & Mrs Mosbauer ,

    Thank you for a wonderful mass and morning tea. I enjoyed myself very much. It is wonderful to hear all of 2TM special gifts. To have your very own talent is wonderful and that is what makes us all different and special. What wonderful photos to look back on. Thanks again to 2TM for making it a wonderful celebration and bringing the families together.

    Elizabeth Guest (Campbell’s Mum)

    • Dear Elizabeth,

      We’re glad you enjoyed the Mass and the morning tea. It is always so nice to get positive feedback from parents. Thanks for visiting the blog.

      Ms. Tieppo

  3. Dear Miss Y,

    You are the first person to write a comment about our Class Mass. Thank you for leaving this comment.

    We really had lots of fun making the Mozzie and Midgie outfits.

    from 2TM 🙂

  4. Hi Ms Tieppo and 2TM

    What a wonderful celebration in the Church and then Morning Tea with your families! I loved seeing the happy smiles of everyone in their photos with their family members.

    Miss Y 🙂

    P.S Thanks for your fabulous work in the LRC today using your creativity to design your Mozzie and Midgie outfits!

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