Drug Education Showcase

Today we shared our learning about Drug Education with other classes at our school.  We know lots of new things about medicine and how it makes us feel better.  We also learned about the importance of storing medicine in a safe place so that our baby brothers or sisters can’t get to it.  We presented our information in a variety of ways.  Some of the things we presented included stories, posters, songs, construction and art work.  Many of us felt a bit nervous presenting to Year 3 and to Prep C but they gave us a big clap when we finished.

Later, we were lucky to visit Miss C and her Prep class.  The Preps had a teddy bear which was sick and they told us how they could help it feel better.  Then Miss C read us the stories that the Preps had written about Doctor Dog and the times that they had been sick.  We loved listening to the special stories.

Drug Education Showcase Day on PhotoPeach

What did you really enjoy about the showcase?

How can you improve on your presentation next time?

Passover Meal Prayer Service.

Today we shared a Passover meal together. We remembered the special actions at the special meal Jesus shared with his friends. We broke pita bread as a symbol of the bread and we drank blackcurrant juice as a symbol of the wine.

start servicebreaking bread
sharing wine

At the end of our meal, we said a special prayer for those people in our lives that we care for at this time. We all enjoyed sharing the special meal together.






When do you share a special meal?

What are the special things you share with others at the meal?