Passover Meal Prayer Service.

Today we shared a Passover meal together. We remembered the special actions at the special meal Jesus shared with his friends. We broke pita bread as a symbol of the bread and we drank blackcurrant juice as a symbol of the wine.

start servicebreaking bread
sharing wine

At the end of our meal, we said a special prayer for those people in our lives that we care for at this time. We all enjoyed sharing the special meal together.






When do you share a special meal?

What are the special things you share with others at the meal?

2 thoughts on “Passover Meal Prayer Service.

  1. Dear 2tm,
    Maybe you could make a reading group including a play! Have you ever considerd re-trying it? The scene brought a tear to my eye. [Sniff sniff].]
    from Matthew :-]

  2. Dear 2tm,
    I think your little scene was quite original,maybe you could even do a puppet show of it. When Ms Tieppo said the prayer,a tear slid down my eye.
    Frrom Matthew :-]

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