A New Baby Sister!

Campbells baby sister

On Friday, Campbell’s family visited our class with their new baby girl Matilda.  Campbell was very excited that Matilda came to visit.  He told us that she was a good baby and that she cried when she felt cold and when she felt hungry.  Elisabeth, Campbell’s mum told us that she feeds Matilda every three to four hours.  She also told us that she was 47 centimetres long.  We took out our rulers to measure  how much 47 centimetres would be.  Campbell was such a proud big brother!

Campbell and Elisabeth

Have you ever looked after a baby?  What do you know about babies?

8 thoughts on “A New Baby Sister!

  1. Dear Campbell
    Congratulations on your new baby sister. Matilda she is so cute I want to squish her cheeks but I cant because she might cry and I dont want that. From your buddy Lukas!:]

    • Hi Lukas,
      Thank you for the comments, it was funny. I don’t want to squish her cheeks either but they are soft.
      From your friend Campbell.

  2. Dear Campell,
    Congratulations on becoming a big brother.
    I liked your photos about you,Miss Tieppo and your baby sister Matilda.
    Has Matilda been crying for the last days?

    From Tarrant:>}

    • To Tarrant,
      Thank you for writing that comment, she doesn’t really cry often only when she is hungry she cries. I hold her sometimes.
      From your friend Campbell.

  3. Hi Campbell

    Congratulations on becoming a big brother for a little sister! You are doing a great job holding Matilda carefully in the photo. Matilda is very lucky to have you and Ethan as her big brothers to look after her. I’m sure Matilda will love it when you read to her when she gets a bit bigger and you can introduce her to your favourite stories.

    What’s the best thing about having a little sister Campbell?

    Miss Y 😀

    • Dear Miss Y,

      Thank you for your message to me. The best thing about my baby sister is holding her and taking care of her. When Matilda is older I will let her choose her favourite story.

      From Campbell 🙂

  4. Hi Campbell,
    Congratulations on becoming a big brother. What do you like most about having a new little sister?
    Sarah in our grade has just become a big sister. Her mummy had a baby boy the day before Mother’s Day. Sarah was hoping the baby would be a boy so she didn’t have to share her girly toys with it. Sarah loves her new little brother Ash very much.
    From Grade 1B and 1C at New Gisborne PS

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