Our Community Walk.

This week we walked to one of our local communities because we are learning about the local areas we live in.  We walked to the local shopping strip and learned lots of things about the Heidelberg area.  Our teachers and parent helpers came along to help us.  We brought along some spending money and bought our fruit, snacks and treats.  We also wrote letters to our families and posted them in the mail box outside the Post Office.  On the way home we had a play at our local park and ate our food that we had bought.  It was so much fun!

What does your local community look like?

What services does it provide?

17 thoughts on “Our Community Walk.

  1. Hi there!,

    What a good idea to have a community walk! Your photos show us many interesting places. You have inspired me to take my class for a walk like yours! Thank you for sharing!

    Jenny She.

    • Hi Jenny,

      It was a pleasure sharing our photos with you. Our community walk was a great opportunity for authentic learning. I would recommend it to any class.

      Ms. Tieppo and 2TM

  2. Hi Miss Tieppo and 2tm

    I had lots of fun on the community walk .
    I saw heaps of shops and services. I also saw Rosanna
    Golf Links.
    My sister Jordyn and some other people in 2tm have
    brothers and sisters are on camp.
    Did you know 5w own a secret blog?
    From Grace :]

    • Hi Grace,
      You were very observant on the Community walk. I hope you are not missing your sister too much. I am sure they will be having fun.
      I will need to get the address of 5W’s secret blog so that we can put a link to it on our blog.
      From Ms. Tieppo

  3. Hi I am writing back from the comment you gave me . Our teacher Mr Grant got us our own blog so that we could learn more things about computers/blogs. Will you do that to your students?

    See you ,Lily.

    • Hi Lily,
      We are still young and learning about how to use a blog well. We hope that when we get older that we will be able to have our own blogs.

      From your buddies in 2TM 🙂

    • Dear Miss Pitcher,

      Thank you for leaving us a comment. We wish that you were still teaching us at St. Martin’s.
      We shopped at Baker’s delight and the bakery across the road.
      What school are you teaching at?
      From 2TM 🙂

  4. Hello Mrs Tieppo and 2TM,

    It looks like you had a lot of fun on your community walk. I remember doing mine community walk in grade 1. It was very good of you to collect all the photos for the walk so everyone can see them! Grace has told me that it was a very fun excursion.

    Jordyn.T 5W (Grace’s sister)

    • Dear Jordyn,

      I agree that it is always nice for families to be able to see what we do at school. I’m so glad you have such a good memory of your Community walk.

      Keep visiting our blog,
      Ms. Tieppo

    • Hi Lily,

      I’m glad you like our blog. I wonder how our blog has helped you?
      Keep up the fantastic work with your animal blog. Lots of interesting things to see and read about.

      From Ms. Tieppo and 2TM

    • Hi Lukas,

      Our photos show that a great day was had by all. I’m glad you enjoyed the day.

      From Ms. Tieppo

  5. Dear Ms.Tieppo,
    The community walk was really fun.We went to the park and went on the big slide! On the monkey bars.
    From Jasmine

  6. Hi Campbell,
    Your excursion looked like so much fun. Thank you so much for your letter to us, we just loved it. I’m pretty sure all the parents would have loved their letters as it was such a surprise. Ms Tieppo has done a great job capturing so many memories on the day. Keep up the good work Campbell.
    Love Mum & Dad (Elizabeth & Brett Guest)

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