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On Thursday all the Year two classrooms in our school were open in the afternoon so that we could show our families and friends the fantastic work we do.   There was a real buzz in the 2TM classroom.  Our Mums and Dads looked through our workbooks and also the fantastic art work that Mrs. Mosbauer has been doing with us.  We also had our computers on and showed them some things we had been working on.  Some children also showed their families our Windows Into learning blog. 

It was also exciting to have some grandparents and friends in our classroom too.  Some of them had travelled a long way!  While the visitors were there, our slideshow of our Community walk was playing.  All our visitors were impressed with the photos.  It was a fantastic way for us to celebrate our learning!

Open Classroom. on PhotoPeach

2 thoughts on “Open Classroom

  1. Hi Mrs. Stewart,

    Thank you for leaving the comment on our blog. We enjoyed reading it. You are right. We do have 2 fantastic teachers in our class.

    We are sorry you couldn’t come to our open classroom. You are a lovely Principal.

    How was Year 5 camp?

    From 2TM 🙂

  2. Wow what a fantastic session all the parents and grandparents enjoyed when they visited 2TM for their open classroom. The video shows me how thrilled everyone was to be able to share all the engaged learning in 2TM. Because I was on Year 5 camp, I couldn’t visit 2TM for their open classroom, however seeing the video shows me what I missed. Thank you Ms Tieppo for making the video of the open classroom. The students in 2TM are lucky to have 2 fantastic teachers.
    Mrs Stewart

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