Visit From Murrindindi.

Today we had a special visitor in our classroom.  Murrindindi, an Aboriginal elder, came to talk to us about our local area and its history.  We found out that the Aboriginal people in his family fished and camped along the Yarra River and the Merri Creek.   He told us that they would also collect special plants and berries which helped the Aboriginal people to feel better. 

 He also told us all about his culture and how important this is for him and his family.  Murrindindi showed us special things in his family like the possum and kangaroo coat, which his uncle passed on to him.  He also showed us a stone axe and a spear launcher.

We loved how he played the didgeridoo.  His special didgeridoo was made from a tree trunk that the termites had made hollow.  He made a kookaburra and dingo sound with the didgeridoo and we tried to guess the Australian animals.

We grouped the main ideas of Murrindindi’s visit in our Inquiry time and brainstormed all our new learning.  We have all learned so much! 

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  1. Hi 2TM and friends of the 2TM Blog,

    Thanks for all your comments ! I love to scroll through them and read the replies.

    Matthew.B. when we went outside to watch Murrindindi throw the boomerang he did warn us that it was too windy and he may not be able to catch it. I have been to Healesville Sanctuary and seen Murrindindi throw and catch the boomerang a few times.

    Many of you enjoyed listening to the didgeridoo or watching the boomerang throwing. Keep those comments coming.

    From Mrs. Mosbauer

  2. Dear Mrs.Mosbauer,

    Hello my name is Victoria from Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School.We watched your slide show about Murrindindi and we think it’s incredible because it gave us lots of infomation.We would like to find out more about Aboriginal people and their connection to the environment.Can you please send Murrindindi’s email or contact details?
    Thank-you from Victoria and the C.L.R.P team

  3. Dear Mrs. Mosbauer,
    even though I wasn’t there I judged by the clip that Ms. Tieppo made. I think I would of liked the animal sounds Murrindindi made with the digeridoo.I learnt that the digeridoo is made out of a tree trunk,and the Termites made it hollow.How many times did Murrindindi catch the boomerang?
    From Matthew .B

  4. Dear Miss Tieppo and Mrs Mosbauer,

    I liked the bowl made out of wood. The slideshow was very interesting.

    From Madi Fox 🙂

    • Hi Madi,
      It is so nice to have you visit our 2TM blog. It is lovely that you have left a great comment. 2TM really enjoyed all that they learned from Murrindindi. Miss you this year Madi!
      From Ms. Tieppo

  5. Dear Mrs. Mosbauer,
    It great when Murrindindi came! My favourite part was when he played the didgeridoo!

    From Jasmine 🙂

  6. Hi Mrs Tieppo and 2TM,

    It looks like you had lots of fun having Murrindindi in 2TM.
    I did not know that a digeredoo was made from an old tree trunk. When I was on camp I learnt that aboriginal people eat a special type of leaf. It was their medicine. I also learnt that the aboringinal people lived in a bunker, a bunker in a big hole. The aborgines dug a hole on a hill made steps as sticks. I thought it was amazing. Miss Valvo had to help me up because the steps broke.

    Jordyn.T 5W (Grace’s sister)

    • Dear Jordyn,

      You must have had lots of fun like we did on camp. Thank you for leaving a comment.
      How many steps were broken?

      From all of us in 2TM 🙂

      • Dear Mrs Tieppo,

        Yes, camp was really fun I enjoyed it a lot.
        2 of the steps were broken and their were 3 steps all together but because 2 broke there was only one step left!

        From Jordyn.T

  7. Hi 2TM,

    We were very fortunate to have Murrindindi come to our school and speak to us. Murrindindi told us lots of interesting information. My favourite part was when Murrindindi played the didgeridoo and told us how the aboriginal people made coats using kangaroo skin. What was your favourite part?

    From Mrs. Mosbauer

    • Dear Miss Mosbauer,
      My favourite thing was when Murrindindi played the didgeridoo on animal sonds like a kookaburra, kangaroo and my best favourite was the didgerdoo sound.You copied me Miss Mosbauer!!!!!

      From Hannah 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Dear Mrs Mosbauer, 🙂
      Thankyou for the comment.:(
      When we had Murrindindi it was good. 🙂
      From Phillip 🙁 )

    • Dear Mrs.Mosbour,
      My favourite part was when he threw boomerang and tried to catch it and played the digeridoo. 🙂

      His video clip was interesting. :0

      I have learnt lots of things about Banyule . 🙂

      What was your favourite thing?
      from Viduni :0

  8. Dear Jo-Anne,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. We liked the possum football too. We also found out that the Aboriginal people in Victoria didn’t paint their didgeridoos.

    From 2TM 🙂

  9. Hi 2TM,

    No wonder the aboriginal boys are so good at playing football they must of practiced for generations using their possum balls filled with grass. Great pictures.

    From Jo-Anne (Jamii’s Mum)

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