Money, Money, Money!


This week, we have been learning about money.  We worked in our groups on different activities so that we can become more confident in dealing with money.  It is really tricky counting up different coins. 

 This month our class has also become involved in the” 5 cent challenge” competition.  We have been collecting different silver coins to raise money for new “bubbler taps” at our school.   Every class in the school is trying to raise the highest amount of money.   We are hoping that our class can fill the container of money to the top. One week to go.  Stay tuned!

Have you ever had to save and count up your money?  Have you done any fundraising?

7 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money!

  1. Hello Jasmine and 2TM!

    Yes I did see the Money! Money! Money! slideshow.
    Isn’t Ms. Tieppo clever to be able to do the Blog and put slideshows together for us to watch.

    Now remember 2TM when you go shopping or are going to an activity during the holidays to use real money and pay for something with parent supervision. I might get my boys to buy the popcorn when we go and see Kung Fu Panda 2.

    From Mrs. Mosbauer

  2. Hi 2TM

    You have been doing lots of great activities to learn about money. I’m sure you are becoming money counting experts!

    What was your favourite Money activity?

    When I was little we also had 1 cent and 2 cent coins.

    I am in charge of the LRC money and using it to buy books and other resources for our LRC. It’s a big responsibility!

    Good luck with the 5 Cent Challenge…

    Miss Y 🙂

    • Dear Miss Y,
      Thank you for leaving us a comment. We ARE money experts!

      Thank you for telling us about the 1c and 2c coins. Lots of children in our class liked doing the Rainforest Maths activity on the computer.

      Which was your favourite coin when you were little?

      From all of us in 2TM 🙂

    • Hi Jasmine,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. The pictures on our slidehow are great. I like the way everyone was learning so much by counting money.

      From Ms. Tieppo

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