Our Pond Excursion!

Last week we had an excursion at a local pond.  It was our tuning in experience for our unit this term.  We will be learning about the Pond habitat and how the ecosystem is very important for the survival of the pond creatures.
It was a fantastic day because we actually collected water from the pond and looked at the pond creatures under the microscope.  We found some water fleas, backswimmers and bloodworms.  Sebastian was lucky to collect three bloodworms.
Mark our guide, gave us lots of information about frogs and how we need to keep our waterways clean.  He told us it is our responsibility to pick up rubbish so that it doesn’t end up in the rivers, waterways and oceans.

What do you know about the pond environment?

What action can you take to keep it healthy?

Holiday Time Over!

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We are back from our Term break and we are looking forward to Term Three.  We talked about our holidays and what we really loved about them.  It was fun coming up with words to finish the following sentence; “Holidays are…….” 

Some children in our class used some very creative words.  Look at our pictures to get the clues!  Do you know what 2TM got up to on their holidays?

Holidays Are…! on PhotoPeach