Book Swap Day!

Last week our class was involved in the Book Swap Challenge.  The Prep children organised the day as part of their action for helping others in their community.   We all bought a book to school that we wanted to swap with someone else.  The Preps then collected the books each day and then displayed them on the Swap Day.  We then bought our gold coin to school and swapped over our books. We really enjoyed being able to bring home a new book.  Some of us even bought a book for our younger brothers and sisters.

 The Prep children did a wonderful job collecting the money as we visited their classroom.  It is really nice to know that all the money the children collected will go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.  All of our much loved books have found a new home too!

2 thoughts on “Book Swap Day!

  1. Hi 2TM and Ms Tieppo

    It’s fabulous to see your books getting a new home and that you have raised money for the Indigenous Literacy Project.

    Do you remember last year when you could buy our old library books for a gold coin? That was for the Indigenous Literacy Project too!

    Isn’t it great to know that our money will help to buy brand new books for children in remote Indigenous schools.

    A fabulous effort Preps!!

    Miss Y 🙂

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