September Writing Challenge

Today we had a special Junior school assembly.  We all got together to celebrate the fantastic storywriting skills that we have.  Many children in our class entered into the Junior School Writing Challenge.  They all wrote stories which had lots of rhyming words in them. 

Mrs. Cocks, our Literacy Teacher, had 160 stories to read.  It was very hard for her to choose a winner from each class.  Some classes even had two winners! It was very special because we all got a special certificate for participating.

Many congratulations to Layla and Viduni who won from our class.  Their books will be diplayed in the Junior school for lots of children to read. 

Congratulations to Mitchell, Phillip, Lukas, Emily, Bianca, Bailey, Marc, Morgan, Hannah and Jasmine for their efforts too!


2 thoughts on “September Writing Challenge

  1. Congratulations to all of the students in 2TM who took up the Writing Challenge – well done! An extra congratulations to Viduni and Layla for your writing efforts!

    We might be able to put some of the books on display in the LRC next term for the whole school to read.

    It’s interesting to see that your talented writers are also students who borrow lots of books and enjoy reading.

    I wonder why people who read a lot are often very good writers…any ideas 2TM??

    Have a great holiday and enjoy reading some great books..(.I already have 5 books next to my bed waiting for me!!)

    Miss Y 🙂

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