Monster Book Marks- Pay It Forward!

Today our class was very excited as we made our “Monster Bookmarks”.  Miss Y had all our special paper and art materials for us to create our very own Monster bookmarks.  They look so colourful that we will never lose a page in our books again!

We really enjoyed making the bookmarks as we knew that our gold coin would be helping Miss Y to buy books for Miss Wilkinson who teaches in Bangladesh.  We know how much we love reading books at our school and it would be nice for other children to be able to have books too.  You can read about the other things happening in our Library for Paying It Forward.

Thank you Miss Y for helping us to make a difference!  Take a look at our creations!

How have you helped other people in the world?


3 thoughts on “Monster Book Marks- Pay It Forward!

  1. Hi Ms Tieppo and 2TM

    I just LOVE your Monster Bookmarks!

    I have really enjoyed making the Monster bookmarks with the classes I have seen in the LRC so far this week. There are so many creative students at St Martin’s who have made fabulous bookmarks! I am taking photos of the Monster bookmarks from each class and I’ll put them on the LRC Blog next week for everyone to enjoy.

    Thank you to everyone in 2TM for supporting “Paying it Forward – Big Books for Bangladesh” by making bookmarks, having your photo taken or buying a raffle ticket.

    Together we can make a BIG difference to the children in the village in Bangladesh. They are going to LOVE reading their new Big Books!!

    Miss Y 🙂

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