Footloose Friday

Today we had a “Footloose Friday”.  Ms. Tieppo read an article by Stephen Heppell about Shoeless learning Spaces in Scandanavia.  She thought we would love to do a whole day’s work with no shoes on.   Even Ms. Tieppo took her shoes off too!

We did work very well today but the excitement of no shoes was evident.  We will try Footloose Friday again next Friday.   Here is a quick snapshot of our shoeless day.  We even danced to the Footloose song this afternoon.  So much fun!


Footloose Friday on PhotoPeach

Do you have shoeless days at your school?

24 thoughts on “Footloose Friday

  1. Hi 2TM

    I agree with you Viduni – you do feel happier inside with your shoes off!

    Yes Oscar, I liked the feel of the new carpet in the LRC!

    I think it’s a good idea that you can only take your shoes off if you can tie up your shoelaces Tarrant!

    Maybe next year “Footloose Friday” could become “official” at SMOT!!

    This week I’ll be wearing my apron as I come around to scan resources in classrooms…I wonder if it would be more relaxing if I took my shoes off to do it???

    Miss Y 🙂

  2. Dear 2tm
    I liked Footloose Friday. My favourite thing about Footloose Friday was dancing to the Footloose Friday song. The walking around in bare feet was making me feel ticklish.

    From Tarrant :W

  3. Dear 2tm,

    I think everyone must of had a lot of fun.Hmmmm I wonder if you wear slippers or have bare feet?

    From Campbell 😛

  4. HI Ms Tieppo and 2TM

    Last week some students from 1JV came in to the LRC without their shoes because they were having a Footloose Friday with Mrs Vincent. So I decided to have a Footloose Friday myself in the LRC!! I loved walking around without my shoes and I think I felt more relaxed…

    What did you like about being shoeless?

    Miss Y 🙂

  5. Hello class,

    Footloose Friday looks like it was fun. Most of you were barefoot but I did see socks on at least one person. I think I would have kept my socks on but no shoes would be so much more comfortable inside classrooms.

    Ross Mannell (@RossMannell)
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Hi Ross,

      Many thanks for visiting our blog. It certainly was an interesting day as two children, like you, preferred to have their socks on for the day.

      I wonder what will happen this Friday?

      Stay tuned!
      From all of us in 2TM

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