Pancake Tuesday

Today it was Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day in our classroom.  We made our own pancakes with milk, flour, sugar and eggs. 

When the pancakes were cooked, we put maple syrup, sugar or jam on them.  Lots of children in 2TM tooks photos of our pancake day.  We hope you like them.  2TM had a wonderful time today.

What do you like on your pancakes?

Do you use the same ingredients to make pancakes?

Pancake Day in 2TM on PhotoPeach

7 thoughts on “Pancake Tuesday

  1. Dear Ms Tieppo,

    I remember the pancakes we made last year,they were yummy! In grade 3 we don’t make pancakes.

    From Viduni 😀 😛 🙂

    • Hi Viduni,

      I can’t believe that you still remembered making pancakes last year. They must have been great pancakes. How is Year 3 going? Keep dropping in to visit and keep smiling.
      From Ms. Tieppo

    • Dear Jasmine,

      Thank you for leaving us a comment. Everyone in 2TM loves your comment.

      The pancakes we made were really yummy. We wish we could share them with you.
      How is Grade 3 going?

      From Ms. Tieppo and 2TM 🙂

  2. What clever cooks we have in 2TM. The pancakes looked delicious. I’m sure Master Chef judges would give you a high score.
    Everyone looked liked they enjoyed eating the pancakes.
    I wonder what was the most popular topping.
    Mrs Stewart
    ps my husband said well done for enjoying your cooking experience.

    • Dear Mrs. Stewart,

      Thank you for your lovely comment about Shrove Tuesday. I think that the Masterchef judges would give us 100 out of 100!

      We thought that the most popular topping was maple syrup. The whole container was finished.
      Can you say hello to Mr. Stewart and tell him that we like having visitors on our class blog.
      Did you have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? Do you like them?

      From Ms. Tieppo and 2tm :p

  3. Hi Ms Tieppo and 2TM

    I wish I was in your class – your pancakes look scrumdiddlyumptious!!! My favourite topping is lemon and sugar.

    Congratulations on your photos! The 2TM photographers have done a great job capturing the fun you had making pancakes.

    What are some tips could you give to help people take good photos?

    Miss Y 🙂

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