Art Gallery Excursion

Art Gallery Excursion on PhotoPeach

Last Thursday our class went to the National Gallery in Federation Square in Melbourne.  We have been learning about the famous Australian Heidelberg artists such as Frederick McCubbin and Tom Roberts.  They used to paint in our local area of Heidelberg.

We travelled by train into the city.  The Metro staff helped us to get on and off the train safely. It was so exciting being on a Metro train.

We learned so many things about art from our guides.  Here are things we think are important.

  • Every picture or art work tells us a story.
  • An artist can use a variety of materials or mediums to create their artwork.
  • You need to read the plaque next to the art work to find out about the artist and their story.
  • The Indigenous artists place their canvas on the floor and they can paint their environment because they know it so well.
  • You can learn a lot about history by looking at a painting.
  • There is a special alarm in the Gallery to protect the paintings.  You need to be one arms length away from the wall.
  • The gigantic elevator is used in the gallery to move pieces of art.
  • Lots of Australian art is stored away in special rooms.  It is wrapped in a special tissue paper to protect the colour in the art work.

Have you ever been to an Art Gallery?  What did you see?