Birthday Time and Costume Day!


We had a special day at school today.  Today it was Mrs. Mosbauer’s birthday and it was also our Class Reward Day because we filled our Marble Jar.  As a reward we chose to have a costume day.  We all came dressed as our favourite person or character.

In the afternoon, the parents presented Mrs. Mosbauer with a beautiful scarf and some pansy plants for her garden at home.  She was so happy to receive the plants because she has the perfect place to put them.  She thanked all the parents for the beautiful gift.

We also made a special book for Mrs. Mosbauer during our writing time but it was a big secret.    It was a book of poetry about Mrs. Mosbauer.  We included lots of different types of poems including cinaquains and acrostic poems. She was very amused with some of the interesting verbs used liked, “ravenous” and “famished”.  We all love Mrs. Mosbauer and her terrific sense of humour!  We hope she had a lovely day!

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Our ‘Heidelberg Artists’ Art Show.

This Term we have been learning about our local area and the important influence of the “Heidelberg Artists”.  Some of the artists we have learned about include Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Charles Conder and Frederick McCubbin.  They were famous because they used the Heidelberg landscapes as their inspiration to paint outdoors.  The artists would often go on camps to paint the beautiful Australian landscapes.

We have worked on developing many different painting techniques during our Art lessons each week.  Mrs. Mosbauer taught us how to use our paint and paint brushes to create special effects.  Mrs. Mosbauer also showed us many artworks by the Heidelberg Artists.  We learned that each art work has a story.  We can also tell our own story about art too.

On Thursday we invited all our families and friends to come and see our beautiful art.  Our parents were very impressed with all the skills we had used to sketch, paint and draw. We loved having an audience for our Art.

What do you think about our Art work?

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Numeracy Day

On Friday we celebrated Numeracy Week by having a special day of activities.  Our best activity was the “Name Value Challenge” across the school.  Each person had to add the value of each letter in their name and we then added all these together for 2TM. eg. A=1 B=2  Miss Chiodi then collected all the values for each class in the school.  The total value of all our names was 1,713. 

First we worked out our own name value and then we challenged ourselves by adding the names of our table group together.  This was very tricky.  Lots of us used MAB blocks to help us work out the answer. We needed to count all the hundreds, tens and ones carefully.

In the afternoon, we had a games sessions.  Lots of us brought in games such as Monopoly, Trionimoes, Uno, and Chess which all used some kind of mathematical thinking.  Ms. Tieppo also read us the story of “Rudie Nudie” and we created our own timeline for the story.

Here are some things we said about Numeracy Day:

  • loved playing with friends
  • you needed to be fair
  • it was fun adding up all the money
  • you need to add the dice numbers carefully
  • counting the MAB blocks was tricky
  • you needed to swap some tens for hundreds when the number got bigger
  • it was important to work as a team.
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