Numeracy Day

On Friday we celebrated Numeracy Week by having a special day of activities.  Our best activity was the “Name Value Challenge” across the school.  Each person had to add the value of each letter in their name and we then added all these together for 2TM. eg. A=1 B=2  Miss Chiodi then collected all the values for each class in the school.  The total value of all our names was 1,713. 

First we worked out our own name value and then we challenged ourselves by adding the names of our table group together.  This was very tricky.  Lots of us used MAB blocks to help us work out the answer. We needed to count all the hundreds, tens and ones carefully.

In the afternoon, we had a games sessions.  Lots of us brought in games such as Monopoly, Trionimoes, Uno, and Chess which all used some kind of mathematical thinking.  Ms. Tieppo also read us the story of “Rudie Nudie” and we created our own timeline for the story.

Here are some things we said about Numeracy Day:

  • loved playing with friends
  • you needed to be fair
  • it was fun adding up all the money
  • you need to add the dice numbers carefully
  • counting the MAB blocks was tricky
  • you needed to swap some tens for hundreds when the number got bigger
  • it was important to work as a team.
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