Blog Action Day- The Power Of We

Today is Blog Action Day around the world.  Guess what 2TM have done to show the “Power of We”? We made books for students and teachers in Indonesia.

Stephanie is a special person who visits Lombok every year.  She came to our classroom earlier this year and told us about the school in Lombok that only has 20 books in their Library.  All the Year Two children decided to make books for the students to use in their classrooms.

We all chose different types of stories and titles for our books.  We wrote a draft first and then after revising them, we typed them up on the computer.  After that we illustrated the books and made covers.

The children in Lombok were very happy to receive the books.  They now use them as their home readers.   We hope they keep enjoying our books. We are so excited that our books are helping other students with their school work.

The Power Of We has been important in 2TM this year! 

The Power Of We on PhotoPeach

One thought on “Blog Action Day- The Power Of We

  1. Wow 2TM you have really shown the power of WE!!!

    The community in Lombok will be very thankful for the effort you went to in creating beautiful stories to read. I hope you continue to work together and create change in communities near and far.

    You should be very proud of yourselves.

    From Miss Driscoll 🙂

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