New Student Reps

Many congratulations to our new 2013 Student Representatives, Ty and Annabel.

Quite a few children in 3TM were nominated and after our class voting, Annabel and Ty were appointed to their position.  It is a special job because they will take our views to the School Meetings and then relay back to us important information about decisions being made across the school. 

Ty and Annabel are looking forward to receiving their new badges!

6 thoughts on “New Student Reps

  1. Hi 3TM
    Well done on Ty and Annabel for being our
    3TM SRC’s.
    I hope you really enjoy being our SRC’s for the
    year. Congratulations.

    From Christian

  2. Hello 3tm

    Great work Annbel and Ty for being 3tms reps for the year.
    You will be very good bringing back information to the class.


  3. Hi 3TM,
    Congratulations to Ty and Annabel for being voted class reps for the year!
    Are you excited about being SRC reps for the year?
    from Emma

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