A Visit From Zoe’s Friends At Belmore

A Special Day For Zoe on PhotoPeach

Today we were very lucky to have some of Zoe’s friends come to visit our school. Zoe comes to our school on Tuesday’s and she is at her other school on the other days of the week. We learned so many new things.

The children rely on their senses because they find it hard to communicate the same way we do. Nola from Belmore introduced us to all the students and showed us special things that are used to communicate. There was a box that has a special smell for each colour. One student used his iPad to listen to sounds that made him happy. There was a communication book where another student used the pictures to let her carers know what she wanted to do. We also listened to a special machine that would talk for the student. Each time he pressed a different button it said something new.

We had a go at some of these communication devices. We had to close our eyes and use the sensory cards to guess who the students might be. Nola also showed us a Photostory of all the special activities they do at Belmore. The students do lots of exercise each day and they also do fun things like painting and music therapy. We just loved having them visit our school.

To finish off our time with our friends, we sang Zoe’s favourite One Direction song, “What Makes You Beautiful”.  Zoe just loved it!

What did you like about this special visit?   What did you learn?

Guest Post: Fundraising For Dunalley Primary School

Talei, Hannah, Sian and Sarah

Hi everyone. We are Guest Writers for our class blog this week. We held a raffle to raise money for the students in Grade 2/3 at Dunalley Primary School in Tasmania. Their school was burnt down in the school holidays.
We would like to thank everyone who bought raffle tickets. We raised $91:80 for the people in the Dunalley School to buy helpful school products. Thank you again for all the people that helped.

From Guest Bloggers Talei, Hannah, Sian and Sarah


On Friday Steph came to visit our classroom.  She has worked with communities in Lombok in Indonesia.  Steph enjoys volunteering and teaches English to many of the children and adults in the village of Semabalun in Lombok.

She showed us many pictures of Indonesia and we learned so much about their culture.  Steph taught us about their traditions, food and  their schools.  In the wet season, the children get carried across the river on their shoulders so that they can walk to school on the other side.  It takes them about an hour each day.

Steph’s Visit on PhotoPeach

We wrote letters to the students in Semabalun as the Internet connection is not very reliable.  Steph will translate these letters and post them to the children in the village.  We hope that we will get a reply from them.  Steph is going back to Indonesia soon to help these children with their English.

After leaving, we worked as teams and brainstormed all that we had now learned as a result of the visit from Steph. We really enjoyed the session and learned so much.