On Friday Steph came to visit our classroom.  She has worked with communities in Lombok in Indonesia.  Steph enjoys volunteering and teaches English to many of the children and adults in the village of Semabalun in Lombok.

She showed us many pictures of Indonesia and we learned so much about their culture.  Steph taught us about their traditions, food and  their schools.  In the wet season, the children get carried across the river on their shoulders so that they can walk to school on the other side.  It takes them about an hour each day.

Steph’s Visit on PhotoPeach

We wrote letters to the students in Semabalun as the Internet connection is not very reliable.  Steph will translate these letters and post them to the children in the village.  We hope that we will get a reply from them.  Steph is going back to Indonesia soon to help these children with their English.

After leaving, we worked as teams and brainstormed all that we had now learned as a result of the visit from Steph. We really enjoyed the session and learned so much. 


6 thoughts on “Steph

  1. Dear Ms Tieppo and Ms Mosbauer,
    I enjoyed when Steph came. It was funny when Steph said cool to everything [cabbage] .
    Did you have a question for Steph?
    From Colette

    • Hi Colette,

      Many thanks for your comment on the blog. I always love having Steph come to our classroom. A question I would ask her is “how long is the trip from Australia to Indonesia?

      From Ms. Tieppo

  2. Hi 3tm
    I would of loved to be there on Friday to hear about what it is like in Indonesia and write a letter to the kids in the town.
    from Matthew.

    • Thanks for your comment Matthew. It was a shame you missed Steph on Friday but you can still write a letter if you would like to. Just see me and we can organise this.

      Form Ms.Tieppo

  3. To Mrs.Mosbauer and Tieppo,

    I was very interested when Steph came. I was very blown away when I heard cabbage is cool in Indonesia.I hope Steph can come again because I learned a lot.

    From Genevieve

    • Hi Genevieve,
      I am very happy to hear you enjoyed Steph’s visit. I thought the story she told us about the word cabbage was funny too. Hopefully Steph will be back to visit again this year.

      Keep smiling,
      Ms Tieppo

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