A Visit From Zoe’s Friends At Belmore

A Special Day For Zoe on PhotoPeach

Today we were very lucky to have some of Zoe’s friends come to visit our school. Zoe comes to our school on Tuesday’s and she is at her other school on the other days of the week. We learned so many new things.

The children rely on their senses because they find it hard to communicate the same way we do. Nola from Belmore introduced us to all the students and showed us special things that are used to communicate. There was a box that has a special smell for each colour. One student used his iPad to listen to sounds that made him happy. There was a communication book where another student used the pictures to let her carers know what she wanted to do. We also listened to a special machine that would talk for the student. Each time he pressed a different button it said something new.

We had a go at some of these communication devices. We had to close our eyes and use the sensory cards to guess who the students might be. Nola also showed us a Photostory of all the special activities they do at Belmore. The students do lots of exercise each day and they also do fun things like painting and music therapy. We just loved having them visit our school.

To finish off our time with our friends, we sang Zoe’s favourite One Direction song, “What Makes You Beautiful”.  Zoe just loved it!

What did you like about this special visit?   What did you learn?

9 thoughts on “A Visit From Zoe’s Friends At Belmore

  1. Hi Mrs Tieppo, Mrs Mosbauer and 3TM,

    What a wonderful day for Zoe and all her friends. I loved the choice of music as I love ‘One Direction’ too just like Zoe. It puts a smile on my face as well.
    Keep up the great love and care for Zoe.

    Mrs Van.

    • Hi Mrs. Van,

      Thanks for visiting our class blog. We loved having Zoe friend’s visit our school. We always sing Zoe’s favourite songs every Tuesday when she visits our classroom.
      Zoe is a special part of our class. We do care very much for her.

      From Ms. Tieppo, Mrs. Mosbauer and all of us in 3TM

  2. Hi Zoe! It must have been a very special time for both your friends at Belmore and at St. Martins. I know that your teachers from Belmore felt very welcomed . I bet you loved the music on the blog as well 🙂 Say hi to Libby for me!

    • Hi Nanny Chris,

      Thanks for leaving a comment for Zoe on the class blog. She is a very special part of our day on Tuesdays. We loved having Zoe’s friends at our school too.

      From Ms. Tieppo, Mrs. Mosbauer and 3TM

  3. What a special day for St Martin’s to learn more about how Zoe learns best. I am sorry I couldn’t be there to share this time with you howeve, after watching the photo story I feel like was was there learning with you.
    Zoe teaches us all to appreciate our senses.
    I like singing “Today’s going to be a good good day” to Zoe. I wonder what you do to make Zoe smile.
    Thank you Mrs T and Mrs M for sharing this day with us.
    Mrs S

  4. Dear Mrs Tieppo and Mrs Mosbauer

    Zoes friends were really interesting. I learnt a lot I really want them to came to visit again or we go and visit them at Belmore school.

    From SophieB 🙂

  5. To Mrs Tieppo and Mosbauer,

    I really liked when Zoe’s friends came to visit.I learned a lot about Shelia,Leila,Tom,Jack and Nathan.I hope we can come to their school if we can.

    From Genevieve

  6. Hi 3TM

    What a special day for Zoe seeing her friends from both schools getting together! I think Zoe would have gone to sleep tonight with a big smile on her face…

    I’m sure you were amazed at the different ways Zoe’s friends communicate. Technology is helping to make lots of people’s lives easier.

    Which activities from Zoe’s school would you like to do?

    Miss Y 🙂

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