10 thoughts on “3TM Scientists!

  1. Hi 3TM

    Very creative pictures of scientists!

    Three of my friends are scientists. Two are Microbiologists and one is a Histologist. They work at hospitals in Brisbane. I wonder if you know what they do in their jobs as scientists?

    Miss Y 🙂

  2. Dear Ms. Tieppo and 3TM,
    I love all the scientists! They are all so creative! I think we are already on track! There are lots of wacky scientists in our class!

    From Emma.

    • Hi Emma,
      I think everyone was very imaginative with their drawings. It would be great to know what a real scientists thinks about our images.

      From Ms. Tieppo

  3. Dear Mrs Tieppo, Mrs Mosbauer and 3tm

    I really like all our drawings . I think they are really creative. My favourite part of all the scientists is the crazy hair.

    • Hi Sophie,
      I really like all the crazy hair too. I wonder why scientists would have crazy hair?
      Thanks for your comment Sophie.
      From Ms. Tieppo

    • Hi Nathan,
      I think everyone did a great job with our scientists too. Mrs. Mosbauer must be teaching you lots of great skills in Art time.
      From Ms. Tieppo

    • Hi Marisa,
      Nice to know parents check in on what is happening in 3TM. We have so many talented children in 3TM.
      From Ms. Tieppo

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