Blog Action Day 2013! Human Rights

We are excited to be part of Blog Action Day. It is a chance for bloggers all around the world to unite and reflect on an important issue.  The theme this year is Human Rights.

In 3TM, we decided to focus on the rights of children. First we watched a You Tube Clip called “The UN Convention On The Rights of The child”. We discussed what we thought were important rights for all children around the world to have.  We also illustrated our thinking. 

This is what we came up with. Let us know what you think!


What rights do you think children in our world should have?

2 thoughts on “Blog Action Day 2013! Human Rights

  1. Dear 3TM
    it’s wonderful to see that you appreciate and value the right of every child to have an education.
    You are lucky to go to a great school and have fabulous teachers. Mrs T and Mrs M put much time and effort into making your education meaningful and challenging for every student.
    Mrs S

  2. Congratulations 3TM on the fabulous statements and colourful drawings. You have all put great thought to this topic and you are all extremely fortunate to have a very blessed life.
    Well done!

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