Kids Matter Reps

We would like you to meet the new Kids Matter Reps for our class.   Xavier and Celine were voted in this week.  Celine is the Semester One rep and Xavier has offered to be the Semester Two rep. They have offered to give up part of their recess break to attend meetings and be our representatives.  We know they will do a great job!


Blog Commenting.

This week we have been working on writing good blog comments.  As the new school year has begun, we have a new class blog and we would like to leave quality comments not only on our blog but on other blogs we like.

We watched a video from a post from Mrs. Yollis with her students describing  “How To Compose A Quality Comment’. We picked up some really important information which we have described in our Slideshare. 

We also practised writing quality blog comments.  Lots of people in our class wanted to write to Miss Y.  She has taken a ‘gap’ year  and we liked the comment she left for us on our blog. You might like to read some of our comments. 

What do you think of our comments?

Our First Week at School!

We have had a very busy first week at school. We have made some new friends and we know so much more about them.

Everyone in our class helped to write up our Class Agreement. There are some very important ideas. We also loved making the artwork to decorate it. 

Maths time was also special because Mrs. Mosbauer taught us a game called “3×3” where we needed to find the ten’s facts. By Friday we were already getting much faster.

Our Immersion box activity really got us thinking.  We tried to think about the items in the box. and how they were connected. Ms.Tieppo was very impressed with our thinking.

What was the best thing about this week? What are you looking forward to next week?

Our First Week in 3MT! on PhotoPeach