Our Class Agreement.

This week 3MT worked together to come up with our own class agreement.  We worked in groups to think about what our class would look and feel like.  Mrs. Mosbauer asked us to think about the things that we would be proud of in 3MT.

 Here is what we came up with.


What do you like about our class agreement?



2 thoughts on “Our Class Agreement.

  1. Dear Miss Y,

    I’m happy that you like our class agreement. Did you know that our portraits are made of real school dresses and t-shirts?
    I have been doing lots of reading. Have you too?
    I’m enjoying art the most. What has been your favourite thing about your year so far?
    From Jessica

  2. Hi Mrs M, Ms T and everyone in 3MT,

    I really like the way you worked together in groups to allow everyone to have their say in your Class Agreement. You have included so many important things that will make your classroom a great place for learning this year.

    The other thing I love are the portraits you have made of yourselves – they look fabulous!

    I’m sure you have had a wonderful start to the year. What are you enjoying so far about being in Year 3? I wonder if anyone has accidentally gone to the Junior building yet?

    Happy reading! (I hope you’re doing lots of it!)

    Miss Y 🙂

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