Blog Commenting.

This week we have been working on writing good blog comments.  As the new school year has begun, we have a new class blog and we would like to leave quality comments not only on our blog but on other blogs we like.

We watched a video from a post from Mrs. Yollis with her students describing  “How To Compose A Quality Comment’. We picked up some really important information which we have described in our Slideshare. 

We also practised writing quality blog comments.  Lots of people in our class wanted to write to Miss Y.  She has taken a ‘gap’ year  and we liked the comment she left for us on our blog. You might like to read some of our comments. 

What do you think of our comments?

One thought on “Blog Commenting.

  1. Hi 3MT and Mrs M and Ms T,

    Mrs Yollis is an expert on blogging with her class and is a wonderful blogging role model for teachers around the world. I’m sure by practising the tips on Quality Comments from Mrs Yollis’ students that you will all be writing quality comments.

    Thank you to everyone who wrote a comment to me, you have done a fabulous job…

    Jessica, I hope they were old school dresses you used for your class portraits! I’m enjoying being able to wake up without my alarm going off at 6am each morning!

    Jadah, welcome to St Martin’s! I’m sure you are enjoying being in 3MT and I hope you have made some great friends already.

    Ryder, I’m really pleased to hear you are enjoying your reading and reading lots of books. I wonder if you have a favourite book so far this year?

    Kaitlin, I know your comment was for Mrs J, but I’m intrigued to know more about your “Bunny Ears” game in Maths. It sounds like fun!

    Kyle, how lucky are you to have your own Giant Book of Tashi! Is Maths very different from what you did in Grade 2. Oh dear, poor James!

    Tom, great to hear you are reading in your spare time. I’m doing LOTS of reading in my spare time too and I visit Watsonia library regularly! My favourite Tom Gates book is the Book Week one. Have you read it yet?

    Hayley, it’s wonderful to hear how much you are enjoying being in 3MT. I have been to visit my Pop in NSW who is sick at the moment and I will be going back again this week to stay with him again. When I flew into Sydney last time it was a beautiful sunny day and the Sydney Harbour was gorgeous with its blue sparkling water and stunning beaches. Have you been to Sydney?

    Liam, I’m sure you are all becoming terrific group members and working well together. I’m enjoying lots of reading, walking, pottering around and catching up with friends. I hope to go to Mount Kosciuszko in NSW soon to do some walking and take some photos. Can you believe you are nearly half way through Term One?

    I’m looking forward to reading your quality comments throughout the year 3MT…

    Happy reading!

    Miss Y 🙂

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