Fitness Day Incursion.

On Friday the 14th of March Mr Cleary, Mr Kelly and 22 boys from Marcellin College came to our school. The boys spoke to us about nutrients and the need to drink water especially when we do sport.

We learnt about the type of food we should eat. Foods that are good for us are foods with protein and carbohydrates such as egg, meat, pasta and wholemeal bread. We should eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

We did six activities. They were Scarecrow Tiggy/Back to the Nest, Mini Soccer, Poison Ball/Rush Ball, Continuous Cricket, Octopus and Footy.

During the activities we had to think about what was happening to our body. We observed the following things happening to our body;

  • our heart rate increased
  • sweating
  • being puffed out
  • sore legs and arms
  • losing our balance and falling over
  • coordinating our movements
  • dry lips
  • feeling thirsty

We had a really fun morning and we thank Mr Cleary, Mr Kelly and the boys from Marcellin College for organising the activities and giving the talk about nutrients. Have a look what we got up to.

What did you enjoy the most?

Fitness Friday on PhotoPeach

Pancake Day

Pancake Day! on PhotoPeach

Yesterday we made pancakes with Mrs. Mosbauer. It was Shrove Tuesday and here are some of our reflections.

“They were not allowed to eat egg, milk and flour for forty days in Lent.”- Joshua

“When the mixture is bubbling on the pan, you need to flip it over.”- Ava

“To know when the pancakes are ready, you have to know they are bubbling”- Kyle

“On Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes.  I knew when the pancakes were bubbling like crazy, it was time to flip the pancakes”-Hayley

“I found it interesting how Shrove Tuesday is named after the old word ‘shrive’ which means to confess”- Lilly

“We put the ingredients in the bowl and then we watched it cook.  It was so good.”- Belinda

“The pancakes were delicious. I liked sugar on mine.”- Ethan

” When we made pancakes it was fun because you got to put flour in and mix it and put it in the pan. Then we got to eat it warm”-James R

“The pancake batter got tipped into the pan then the pancakes went all bubbly.”-Finlay

What do you like about making pancakes?  

The Trading Game

On Friday we learned how to play the Trading Game. It is a game where we can build and rename numbers using MAB material.  Every time you roll the dice, you add that number of ones to the last column. When you have ten ones you trade it for a ten (one long).

These are some important things we needed to know.  Once we had 10 ones, we could trade them for a ten (long).  When we had 10 tens then we could trade them for a hundred(Flat). Once you have 10 hundreds, we could trade them for a thousand (cube).  We are going to play this game again this coming week and maybe we can trade some hundreds for thousands.

Here we are in action.