Pancake Day

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Yesterday we made pancakes with Mrs. Mosbauer. It was Shrove Tuesday and here are some of our reflections.

“They were not allowed to eat egg, milk and flour for forty days in Lent.”- Joshua

“When the mixture is bubbling on the pan, you need to flip it over.”- Ava

“To know when the pancakes are ready, you have to know they are bubbling”- Kyle

“On Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes.  I knew when the pancakes were bubbling like crazy, it was time to flip the pancakes”-Hayley

“I found it interesting how Shrove Tuesday is named after the old word ‘shrive’ which means to confess”- Lilly

“We put the ingredients in the bowl and then we watched it cook.  It was so good.”- Belinda

“The pancakes were delicious. I liked sugar on mine.”- Ethan

” When we made pancakes it was fun because you got to put flour in and mix it and put it in the pan. Then we got to eat it warm”-James R

“The pancake batter got tipped into the pan then the pancakes went all bubbly.”-Finlay

What do you like about making pancakes?  

3 thoughts on “Pancake Day

  1. HI 3MT
    Those pancakes look yum yum.
    Well two years ago I made pancakes in Grade 2.
    Did the pancakes taste yummy or better than good?

    • Dear Sara,

      The pancakes were really yum yum. Were your pancakes yum in Year 2?
      Thank you for leaving us a comment.

      From Ms. Tieppo and 3MT

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