Fitness Day Incursion.

On Friday the 14th of March Mr Cleary, Mr Kelly and 22 boys from Marcellin College came to our school. The boys spoke to us about nutrients and the need to drink water especially when we do sport.

We learnt about the type of food we should eat. Foods that are good for us are foods with protein and carbohydrates such as egg, meat, pasta and wholemeal bread. We should eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

We did six activities. They were Scarecrow Tiggy/Back to the Nest, Mini Soccer, Poison Ball/Rush Ball, Continuous Cricket, Octopus and Footy.

During the activities we had to think about what was happening to our body. We observed the following things happening to our body;

  • our heart rate increased
  • sweating
  • being puffed out
  • sore legs and arms
  • losing our balance and falling over
  • coordinating our movements
  • dry lips
  • feeling thirsty

We had a really fun morning and we thank Mr Cleary, Mr Kelly and the boys from Marcellin College for organising the activities and giving the talk about nutrients. Have a look what we got up to.

What did you enjoy the most?

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