Melbourne Dreaming Day

Melbourne Dreaming Excursion on PhotoPeach

We are learning about Melbourne and Aboriginal culture.  We travelled to the city by train so we could visit the Koorie Heritage Trust. Len was our presenter and he taught us about many Aboriginal traditions and artefacts.  

We visited the Flagstaff Gardens because this is where the Aboriginal people used to live before it was settled by the European settlers. It was a special meeting place for the five tribes of Victoria.  They used to fish in the Yarra River and trade up on top of the hill with other clans.

In Victoria, the early Aboriginal people had to keep warm with their possum cloak.  In summer, the fur would be worn on the outside to keep them cool. They had a special relationship with the land and used only what they needed.  There were many traditions that were passed on from generation to generation through stories.

Birrarung Marr was a great place to visit too. We listened to Dreaming stories, sketched, played, reflected and observed the beautiful patterns and designs of the special artwork.  It was a fantastic day!