Blog Action Day- The Power Of We

Today is Blog Action Day around the world.  Guess what 2TM have done to show the “Power of We”? We made books for students and teachers in Indonesia.

Stephanie is a special person who visits Lombok every year.  She came to our classroom earlier this year and told us about the school in Lombok that only has 20 books in their Library.  All the Year Two children decided to make books for the students to use in their classrooms.

We all chose different types of stories and titles for our books.  We wrote a draft first and then after revising them, we typed them up on the computer.  After that we illustrated the books and made covers.

The children in Lombok were very happy to receive the books.  They now use them as their home readers.   We hope they keep enjoying our books. We are so excited that our books are helping other students with their school work.

The Power Of We has been important in 2TM this year! 

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Birthday Time and Costume Day!


We had a special day at school today.  Today it was Mrs. Mosbauer’s birthday and it was also our Class Reward Day because we filled our Marble Jar.  As a reward we chose to have a costume day.  We all came dressed as our favourite person or character.

In the afternoon, the parents presented Mrs. Mosbauer with a beautiful scarf and some pansy plants for her garden at home.  She was so happy to receive the plants because she has the perfect place to put them.  She thanked all the parents for the beautiful gift.

We also made a special book for Mrs. Mosbauer during our writing time but it was a big secret.    It was a book of poetry about Mrs. Mosbauer.  We included lots of different types of poems including cinaquains and acrostic poems. She was very amused with some of the interesting verbs used liked, “ravenous” and “famished”.  We all love Mrs. Mosbauer and her terrific sense of humour!  We hope she had a lovely day!

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Our ‘Heidelberg Artists’ Art Show.

This Term we have been learning about our local area and the important influence of the “Heidelberg Artists”.  Some of the artists we have learned about include Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Charles Conder and Frederick McCubbin.  They were famous because they used the Heidelberg landscapes as their inspiration to paint outdoors.  The artists would often go on camps to paint the beautiful Australian landscapes.

We have worked on developing many different painting techniques during our Art lessons each week.  Mrs. Mosbauer taught us how to use our paint and paint brushes to create special effects.  Mrs. Mosbauer also showed us many artworks by the Heidelberg Artists.  We learned that each art work has a story.  We can also tell our own story about art too.

On Thursday we invited all our families and friends to come and see our beautiful art.  Our parents were very impressed with all the skills we had used to sketch, paint and draw. We loved having an audience for our Art.

What do you think about our Art work?

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Numeracy Day

On Friday we celebrated Numeracy Week by having a special day of activities.  Our best activity was the “Name Value Challenge” across the school.  Each person had to add the value of each letter in their name and we then added all these together for 2TM. eg. A=1 B=2  Miss Chiodi then collected all the values for each class in the school.  The total value of all our names was 1,713. 

First we worked out our own name value and then we challenged ourselves by adding the names of our table group together.  This was very tricky.  Lots of us used MAB blocks to help us work out the answer. We needed to count all the hundreds, tens and ones carefully.

In the afternoon, we had a games sessions.  Lots of us brought in games such as Monopoly, Trionimoes, Uno, and Chess which all used some kind of mathematical thinking.  Ms. Tieppo also read us the story of “Rudie Nudie” and we created our own timeline for the story.

Here are some things we said about Numeracy Day:

  • loved playing with friends
  • you needed to be fair
  • it was fun adding up all the money
  • you need to add the dice numbers carefully
  • counting the MAB blocks was tricky
  • you needed to swap some tens for hundreds when the number got bigger
  • it was important to work as a team.
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Art Gallery Excursion

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Last Thursday our class went to the National Gallery in Federation Square in Melbourne.  We have been learning about the famous Australian Heidelberg artists such as Frederick McCubbin and Tom Roberts.  They used to paint in our local area of Heidelberg.

We travelled by train into the city.  The Metro staff helped us to get on and off the train safely. It was so exciting being on a Metro train.

We learned so many things about art from our guides.  Here are things we think are important.

  • Every picture or art work tells us a story.
  • An artist can use a variety of materials or mediums to create their artwork.
  • You need to read the plaque next to the art work to find out about the artist and their story.
  • The Indigenous artists place their canvas on the floor and they can paint their environment because they know it so well.
  • You can learn a lot about history by looking at a painting.
  • There is a special alarm in the Gallery to protect the paintings.  You need to be one arms length away from the wall.
  • The gigantic elevator is used in the gallery to move pieces of art.
  • Lots of Australian art is stored away in special rooms.  It is wrapped in a special tissue paper to protect the colour in the art work.

Have you ever been to an Art Gallery?  What did you see?

Cycle Of Life

Last week, Nathan’s Mum Marisa bought along some sea monkeys to school.  It works in perfectly with our work on the cycle of life!  On Friday we prepared the water with a special conditioner.  We left it over the weekend. 







Today we added the special sea monkey eggs to the water we prepared on Friday.  The eggs are enclosed in some crystals.  We  placed the sea monkeys in a warm and well lit place.  We are all excited to see what will happen!  It could take up to 7 days for the eggs to hatch in the water.  Stay tuned!

How many days do you think it will take?  Will the sea monkeys change their appearance?


Our Mums!

Today we thought about our Mums and how special they are in our lives.  Ms. Tieppo asked us to write something that we like about our Mums.  Here are our responses. 

I love it when you cuddle me at night.  by Emma

My Mum is special because she cares for me.  By Daniel Re.

I love my beautiful and wonderful Mum because she makes me happy all the time.  By Victoria

I love my Mum because she takes care of me when I’m sick and buys me footy cards and clothes.  By Roman

I love you because you take care of me and everything else.  By Harry

My Mum is special to me because she takes care of me when I’m hurt.  By Bridie

My Mum is special because she barracks for Collingwood.  By Nathan S.

I love you because you give me everything.  By Anthony

I Love you because you make pancakes for Oli and I. By Sebastian

I love my Mum when she cooks yummy food.  By Michael

My Mum is special because she makes my lunch.  By William

You are special because you take care of me and you love me.  By Megan

My Mum is special to me when she hugs me at night and kisses me.  By Hannah

Thank you for loving me.  By Daniel Ro.

My Mum is special because she loves me and cares for me.  By Jacob

I Like you Mama.  From Nathan W.

I love you when you give me hugs and kisses.  By Alessio

I love my Mum because she kisses me.  By Chantelle

I love you because you love me. By Ava

Thank you for taking me out.  By Sophie

I love my Mum because she takes care of me.  By Faith

I love you when you hug and kiss me.  By Ella

I love you because you are special to me.  By Renee


 A Very Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums, aunties and  grandmothers. 

Enjoy your day!

What is the best thing about your Mum?



Learning About Life In A Pond Habitat!

Today all the Year 2 children went to a pond habitat to learn about the creatures and how their environment is important for their survival.
We all collected mini beasts from the pond with our nets and then looked at them under a microscope. It was amazing! We saw bloodworms, backswimmers, water fleas, dragonfly nymphs and spiders.

It was so much fun making frog noises too.  Jess our guide told us that there are over 300 species of frogs.  At the Sanctuary, the rangers provide special places for frogs to hide and live.  We were very lucky to see a tiny frog.  Jess told us never to handle a frog as any chemicals or soaps on our hands can make it sick.

Take a look at what we got up to.  Have you ever been to a pond?  What did you see?

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Our Special Visitor, Steph!

Learning About Sembalum, Lombok!


On Friday, 2TM had a special visitor.  Steph did some work with 2TM last year.  The children (who are Year 3’s now) made some picture storybooks for the students to use in their very small library.

Steph has done lots of work with the Community Development Centre in Sembalum, which is in Indonesia.  She has spent a lot of time in Sembalum and has a passion for teaching the students and adults how to speak English.  The children and families are so happy and have beautiful smiles.

The school in Sembalum is very different to our school.  The walls are very bare and the teacher has a blackboard and chalk.  Many of the young children walk to school for many hours and they have a special mat where they sit to do their school work.  We tried to skype with them earlier this year, when Stef was in Sembalum but their internet connection is very unreliable in the village. 

 Steph showed us a powerpoint about life in Sembalum and we learned so much about their culture.  We made a Slideshare which tells about all the interesting things we learned from Steph.  Stay tuned as we are keen to make more picture storybooks for their library.

Gymnastics Day!

Today was Gymnastics Day!  Mr. Zac takes us for this lesson.  Today he introduced us to some new equipment and skills.  He always reminds us about being safe on the equipment. 

Some children in 2TM like gymnastics so much that they want to take up gymnastics as an after school activity!  Have a look at our balancing skills.

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 What do you like about gymnastics?