Our ‘Heidelberg Artists’ Art Show.

This Term we have been learning about our local area and the important influence of the “Heidelberg Artists”.  Some of the artists we have learned about include Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Charles Conder and Frederick McCubbin.  They were famous because they used the Heidelberg landscapes as their inspiration to paint outdoors.  The artists would often go on camps to paint the beautiful Australian landscapes.

We have worked on developing many different painting techniques during our Art lessons each week.  Mrs. Mosbauer taught us how to use our paint and paint brushes to create special effects.  Mrs. Mosbauer also showed us many artworks by the Heidelberg Artists.  We learned that each art work has a story.  We can also tell our own story about art too.

On Thursday we invited all our families and friends to come and see our beautiful art.  Our parents were very impressed with all the skills we had used to sketch, paint and draw. We loved having an audience for our Art.

What do you think about our Art work?

Our Art Show on PhotoPeach

KIZUNA- Message of Hope!

Last week, Miss Y sent a special message out to the teachers at our school about a special project:

 KIZUNA- A message of hope.  

KIZUNA is the Japanese word for “solidarity” or “tie”. 

UNESCSO is asking school children from around the world  to write a message of hope on a postcard, to both teachers and children that have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami earlier this year.  They hope the postcards will be a sign that we are with them and thinking of  people of Japan.

Over 7000 schools were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami.  UNESCO needs 30,000 postcards to be sent.

Mrs. Mosbauer and Ms. Tieppo and other classes at our school, decided to take on the project. 

We had a mini focus on Japan in our own classroom so that we could understand more about the special place that Japan is. 

 First we invited a guest speaker.  Haruna from Year Four is from Japan and she told us about Japanese culture and why Japan is such a beautiful place. 

We then wrote our messages of hope and made our own postcards.  We tried to include happy pictures and symbols to try to cheer up the children and the teachers in Japan.  We have included some of our messages in our slideshow.  Miss Y will be posting all our postcards before the 31st July.

Mrs. Mosbauer helped us with all the Japanese Art activities.  We made some origami pets and crumpled pink paper to make Cherry Blossom trees.  We will keep the Cherry blossom trees on our prayer table to remind us to keep the people of Japan in our thoughts and prayers.  We also made our own mini fact book about Japan using some information books from our LRC.  It was also fun folding paper fans which were heart shaped.

We will always think about this special project and hope that we can bring a smile to the children of Japan! 

KIZUNA- Message Of Hope on PhotoPeach