Riley’s Birthday and House Colour Team Day!

On Friday, it was a double celebration day. It was Riley’s birthday and we also dressed up in our house team colours. It was a special day because we got to have some fun. Ms. Tieppo made chocolate cup cakes and Riley brought along some chocolate frogs. We sang Happy Birthday to Riley and gave him lots of claps and special stickers.

 Here is a record of our day!

¬†Riley’s Birthday and House Colour Team Day! on PhotoPeach

We also found out about our new House Team captains at a special school assembly. They told us a little bit about themselves and then we got a chance to cheer for our teams. Mr. Zac and Mrs. Stewart gave each team points for their behaviour and organisation. This week everyone in our school will start collecting house points for their team. At the end of each term, the house team colour with the most points get a special reward.

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

How could you collect some points for your house colour team?