The Chicks Have Arrived!

Our Chicks Have Hatched!

chicks 005 1

On Thursday morning we arrived to see some of the chicks had hatched from the eggs!  Mrs. Mosbauer was in class that day and she was just as excited as the children.  We now have four chicks!   At first the chicks didn’t move much.  They were wet and just rested.

chicks 011 2

We still have two eggs that have not yet hatched.  We will wait until Monday to see what happens.  One of these eggs is the larger one, which we thought had two yolks.  It may not have been fertilised!

chicks 013 3


chicks 025 5

We have not named our chicks yet.  One of them is yellow, one has black and brown stripes, one is black and the other one is brown.   They are starting to look fluffy and they were making a lot of noise by Friday morning when we got back to school.  On Friday afternoon, we placed the four chicks into the brooding box.  They all huddled under the warm lamp at first but soon explored their new home.  We hope to be able to hold them in this coming week.  We can’t wait!

chicks 059 4

The Eggs Have Arrived!

Eggs incubator 002 (Small) text 

  Last Thursday, Peter put the eggs we will be hatching, into the incubator.    Everyone is so excited and concerned about the welfare of the eggs.  The children are checking the temperature everyday.  It needs to be around 102 degrees F.  It will take about 21 – 25 days for the chicks to hatch.  One egg is larger and we suspect it has a double yolk, which means twins! 

Eggs incubator 003 (Small) text