Pancake Tuesday

Today it was Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day in our classroom.  We made our own pancakes with milk, flour, sugar and eggs. 

When the pancakes were cooked, we put maple syrup, sugar or jam on them.  Lots of children in 2TM tooks photos of our pancake day.  We hope you like them.  2TM had a wonderful time today.

What do you like on your pancakes?

Do you use the same ingredients to make pancakes?

Pancake Day in 2TM on PhotoPeach

Footloose Friday

Today we had a “Footloose Friday”.  Ms. Tieppo read an article by Stephen Heppell about Shoeless learning Spaces in Scandanavia.  She thought we would love to do a whole day’s work with no shoes on.   Even Ms. Tieppo took her shoes off too!

We did work very well today but the excitement of no shoes was evident.  We will try Footloose Friday again next Friday.   Here is a quick snapshot of our shoeless day.  We even danced to the Footloose song this afternoon.  So much fun!


Footloose Friday on PhotoPeach

Do you have shoeless days at your school?