Our Special Visitor, Steph!

Learning About Sembalum, Lombok!


On Friday, 2TM had a special visitor.  Steph did some work with 2TM last year.  The children (who are Year 3’s now) made some picture storybooks for the students to use in their very small library.

Steph has done lots of work with the Community Development Centre in Sembalum, which is in Indonesia.  She has spent a lot of time in Sembalum and has a passion for teaching the students and adults how to speak English.  The children and families are so happy and have beautiful smiles.

The school in Sembalum is very different to our school.  The walls are very bare and the teacher has a blackboard and chalk.  Many of the young children walk to school for many hours and they have a special mat where they sit to do their school work.  We tried to skype with them earlier this year, when Stef was in Sembalum but their internet connection is very unreliable in the village. 

 Steph showed us a powerpoint about life in Sembalum and we learned so much about their culture.  We made a Slideshare which tells about all the interesting things we learned from Steph.  Stay tuned as we are keen to make more picture storybooks for their library.

Skyping With Lombok School!

We were very lucky last week to be able to skype with a small village in Lombok which is in Indonesia.  Stephanie came to our school to help us skype with the village school.  She spent some time there as a volunteer teaching the children English.  She asked if our school would be interested in skyping with the village.  Ms. Tieppo and Mrs. Mosbauer were very excited and said yes.  Miss Y also helped us out on the day by giving us the Library space and her IWB.  A few children in our class asked some great questions. 

We learned so much!

Here are some things that we learned or noticed when we were skyping the school in Lombok:

  • They liked playing football.

  • They went to school on a Saturday.  They leave home at 7:00 am and go home at 1pm.

  • Not everyone gets to go to school.

  • There are 37 children in their class!

  • The boys sat on one side of the room and the girls sat on the other side.

  • There are 1000 children in the one school.

  • There are white walls and windows in there classroom.  There is no work up on the walls.

  • After school the children go home to do chores.

  • They have 3 lessons for the day and one 10 minute break.

  • They pray 5 times a day.

  • They have fun at school like us.There is only one library in the whole village .  It has one shelf of books.

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